How to stake DTORO

Basic Steps for Staking on Optimism

  1. Transfer $DTORO to a compatible wallet: MetaMask, Trezor, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, or other Wallet Connect-supported wallets.

  2. Before proceeding, ensure you're connected to the Optimism network

Step 1: Navigate to the DexToro Staking Dashboard

The DexToro Staking tab can be found at the top of the platform within the menu "Staking & Rewards."

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Now, you will need to connect your wallet holding DTORO tokens to the DexToro staking page. Click the Connect Wallet button on the top right corner and connect your wallet of choice.

Step 3: Stake DTORO

In the staking tab, you can see the stake or unstake buttons:

This section is used to deposit your DTORO into the staking contract and start staking. Here you can see the amount of DTORO you have available for staking next to "Balance."

Executing a staking transaction

  • Input the amount of DTORO you want to stake into the input field

  • Approve: Send a transaction to approve the contract to stake your DTORO

  • Stake: Click on the Stake button to send your DTORO allocation to the staking contract

  • Confirm the transaction in our wallet

Congratulations! You are now staking DTORO!

Inflationary DTORO rewards are locked for a period of 1 year.

Once the one-year vesting period is complete, DTORO can be withdrawn from the staking portal and freely used at the stakers’ discretion. DTORO rewards that are vesting can be staked to increase weekly rewards.

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