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Your Gateway to the Future of Decentralized Trading!
DexToro is a decentralized derivatives trading platform offering perpetual futures trading with leverage powered by Ethereum & Optimism utilizing liquidity from the Synthetix liquidity protocol. Gain exposure to a variety of on-chain and real-world assets while having access to advanced trading functionality through the proprietary DexToro Smart Wallet.
Our philosophy is simple.

It's about trust without compromise. That is why we're re-imagining DeFi to optimize for what actually matters: giving people full control of their assets without sacrificing performance.

DexToro is a decentralized perpetual futures trading protocol powered by a superior trading model known as peer-to-contract (P2C).

The biggest benefit of trading perpetual futures on DexToro is that you can trade with infinite liquidity, zero spread and zero slippage, all while remaining completely trustless and self-custodial.

The P2C trading model means traders don’t have to fight the limitations of an order book, like worrying about their orders filling or suffering from slippage—something that big traders endure when trading on CEXs or AMMs.

DexToro offers the same performance and features of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, including advanced order types, but with the addition of supporting Forex, Crypto & Commodities, all while remaining completely trustless and self-custodial.
DexToro is a self-custodial exchange, meaning users have complete control over their assets.


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