DexToro Liquidity

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Liquidity for permissionless derivatives like perpetual futures, options, parimutuel markets, and more across EVM chains.


DexToro Liquidity serves as a liquidity layer for the creation of derivative markets.

Liquidity providers can delegate collateral to liquidity pools in the protocol, which allows them to obtain loans in the form of dUSD stablecoins. This mechanism is conceptually similar to other DeFi protocols, such as Liquity and MakerDAO.

A distinctive feature of DexToro Liquidity is its allowance for liquidity pool managers to configure pools that extend credit to derivative markets. These markets interface with decentralized oracle networks (like Chainlink and Pyth) to access off-chain asset prices and subsequently mint on-chain derivatives. Extending credit to these markets ensures order fulfillment for traders, and in return, markets can collect fees, providing an incentive for liquidity providers to manage their positions' debt.

DexToro Liquidity is open, meaning any individual or entity can interact with its core system and the associated market implementations.

Overview Continued

At its core, DexToro Liquidity is a decentralized liquidity provisioning protocol built on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. It introduces a modular architecture and a flexible liquidity provisioning system, addressing the challenges faced by traditional on-chain derivative platforms, such as liquidity sourcing and infrastructure scaling.

Key components of DexToro Liquidity include:

  1. Vaults: Collateral vaults where stakers deposit various supported collateral types, such as ETH or stablecoins.

  2. Pools: Liquidity pools that aggregate collateral from multiple vaults and allocate it to different derivative markets.

  3. Markets: Derivative markets that represent specific derivative products and utilize allocated liquidity for trading and risk management.

    1. Rewards Distributors: Smart contracts that allow pool owners to customize the distribution of rewards to stakers based on various criteria.

DexToro Liquidity offers significant benefits for all participants in the ecosystem:

  • Stakers can earn rewards by contributing collateral to the protocol.

  • Liquidity Providers can earn a share of trading fees by supplying liquidity to high-demand markets.

  • Integrators can build upon DexToro Liquidity's functionality to create new and innovative financial instruments.

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