Trading Rewards

Stakers earn $DTORO trading rewards.

Trading Rewards Contract 👇


Trading Rewards

Earning Trading Rewards

DexToro stakers are eligible for a share of 5% of all inflationary rewards, which are earned by paying trading fees. To become eligible for a share of these rewards, users must:

That’s it! If both of these conditions are met before the end of each epoch, you’ll be eligible for trading rewards.

Claiming Trading Rewards

Trading rewards are calculated and become claimable at the end of each epoch. The epoch countdown clock resets each week when rewards become claimable. After each epoch ends, you can continue trading to earn rewards for the next epoch.

Every Tuesday the next epoch begins and the trading rewards from previous epoch become claimable on the DexToro Staking/Rewards dashboard.

To see your current qualifying fees paid during the epoch, navigate to the “Trading Rewards” section of the staking UI

Total rewards are decided at the end of each epoch based on a trader's rewards score. The rewards score increases as more $DTORO is staked and as more trading fees are paid, according to the formula below:

Individual staker's trading rewards are then evaluated as follows:

Fees and staked $DTORO are weighted with a configurable value, currently set at 0.7, adding extra weight to amount of $DTORO staked.

Once the epoch is complete, trading rewards will appear as claimable at the bottom of the trading rewards page. Once the epoch ends, these rewards will keep accumulating until claimed. Like other staking rewards, these rewards are claimed as escrowed rewards and follow the same unlock schedule.

DexToro Trading Rewards Overview

Additional Utility

As long as the trader has $DTORO staked, trading fees are reduced by 50% or more depending on the amount staked, and this trading fee reduction is in the form of rebates (trading rewards).

This encourages traders to purchase $DTORO on the open market and stake (continuous demand for $DTORO, continuous buying pressure). If you trade with 6 figures, for example, the fees for 1 trade can be approximately $1,000 or more; just by staking $DTORO, this trader can reduce the trading fee by $500+ or more on this trade.

Don't forget to stake your $DTORO after you claim your trading rewards!

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