Are trades opened against my 1CT wallet? No, they are opened against your Smart Wallet.

Do I have to have 1CT enabled to interact with trades I opened with it? No, you may toggle the feature on and off whenever you'd like.

Can I use the same 1CT wallet on multiple devices? No, currently, each enabled instance is its own siloed environment.

What if my transaction is stuck? In your web3 wallet, you'll find a list of transactions. Here, you may speed up and/or cancel a stuck transaction.

How do I end my 1CT session? With an active session, head back to the manage account interface, navigate to One-Click Trading, or click the lightning bolt icon at the top right. The "enable" button during setup will now be a "disable" button.

What are gas deposits? 1CT trading still requires traders to pay Ethereum transaction fees, thus requiring traders to deposit and maintain an adequate amount of ETH to use it.

How to withdraw ETH from 1CT? Traders can withdraw any remaining ETH in the 1CT manage interface. Navigate to the withdraw tab and withdraw as much ETH as needed.

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