DexToro has been extensively audited (including a penetration test) by CredShields & SolidityScan. The latest audits of any DexToro smart contracts can be found below:

DexToro Token $DTORO:

DexToro Smart Wallet Factory:

DexToro Smart Wallet Account:

DexToro Smart Wallet Events:

DexToro Smart Wallet Settings:

DexToro Referral Program Multiple Merkle Distributor (USDT Rewards):

DexToro Referral Program Referral Storage:

DexToro Token $DTORO Supply Schedule:

DexToro Token $DTORO Staking Rewards:

DexToro Token $DTORO Trading Rewards:

DexToro Token $DTORO Escrowed Rewards:

DexToro Token $DTORO Staking Rewards Notifier:

DexToro's Collateralized Stablecoin For Trading Futures (sUSD)

DexToro currently denotes its quote asset in sUSD; anyone trading on DexToro must deposit sUSD to begin trading. sUSD is the StableCoin owned by Synthetix Protocol. sUSD is used for trading futures on DexToro.

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