Escrow and Vesting

$DTORO Escrow and Vesting

  • All $DTORO rewards (staking or trading) are subject to a 12-month escrow.

  • Escrowed $DTORO can be staked and will continue to earn staking rewards.

  • After a 12-month lock, $DTORO can be vested.

If a staker wants to vest their $DTORO immediately, a 90% early vest fee is applied, which diminishes linearly over the 12-month period. The potential early vest fee on escrowed DTORO can be found under the Escrow tab.

Claim = Claim your DTORO rewards, and they will begin vesting immediately.

Compound = Automatically stake your DTORO rewards to generate additional yield. Tokens will be transferred to your Escrow Staked Balance.

The compounded rewards are vestable. When vesting, it unstakes from the staking rewards contract by skipping the cool down period and sending it to the claimer.

Reward Escrow Contracts 👇

How do I vest my Escrowed $DTORO?

Once you claim staking rewards, you will have escrowed $DTORO. Escrowed $DTORO is easily managed within the DexToro Staking dashboard by navigating to the Escrow tab on the staking dashboard:

All inflationary rewards and trading rewards earned on DexToro are locked for a period of 1-year. This means that rewards will be in Escrow until the 1-year timer expires. Our “burn to vest” model makes escrowed rewards available immediately, but if vested early, any remaining % is returned ("burned") to the DexToro treasury. The early vest fee starts at 90% and decays linearly over the course of a year.

While your escrowed DTORO tokens vest over one year, they can also be staked to accrue additional inflationary rewards. In order to do so, escrowed DTORO has to be staked on the Escrow tab.

Here, you will find your Escrow entries. Anytime a DexToro staker claims rewards, an entry is populated within this table. Information in this table includes:

  • Date - The date the rewards were originally claimed

  • Time Until Vestable - Time until rewards for the specific claim entry are fully vested (0% early vest fee)

  • Immediately Vestable - Amount of DTORO you would receive if vested now, already including the early vest fees

  • Amount - Total amount of DTORO claimed for a specific escrow entry

  • Early Vest Fee - Shows the amount of DTORO forfeited if vested early

  • Status

    • Vesting - The vesting timer has not expired; an early vest fee still applies

    • Vested - Escrow complete; rewards are 100% vested and have no fee to vest

Since escrow tokens are stakeable, they can be used to capture additional rewards. In this entry field, stakers can choose to Vest their escrowed DTORO.

When vesting escrowed DTORO, staked escrowed DTORO will be automatically unstaked and vested. There is no need to unstake escrowed DTORO first.

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