Setup RPC

Set up Optimism on MetaMask Wallet

DexToro is live on Optimism, a layer 2 on Ethereum. To interact and trade on DexToro, you will need to set up your wallet and connect it to Optimism.

Metamask is the most used wallet on EVM, and you can find it here:

Automatic Setup

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click on right "Add OP Network".

  1. Metamask popup will open and show the network configuration for Optimism; clicking "Approve" you will configure your wallet's setting for Optimism.

  1. Click on "Switch network" to start using Optimism Chain.

Manual Setup

Alternatively, you can add Optimism manually in MetaMask's network settings:

  • Network Name: Optimism

  • RPC URL:

  • Chain ID: 10

  • Currency Symbol: ETH

  • Block Explorer URL:

Update RPCs

Sometimes, the RPC endpoint for Optimism may not function properly, causing slow loading or even a complete lack of loading. To ensure uninterrupted use of the chain, it is recommended to have alternative RPCs provided by third-party services such as Alchemy, Infura, QuickNode, and Ankr. A comprehensive list of RPCs and their status can also be found on Chainlist.

If you encounter this issue, please follow the steps below to change the RPC endpoint:

  1. Open your MetaMask and click Setting;

  2. Select the Network section;

  3. Choice the Network "Optimistic Ethereum";

  4. In the "New RPC URL" field, enter the new endpoint URL and Save the changes.

Now, the RPC is updated and should load properly. By following these steps, you will be able to change the RPC endpoint for Optimism. This should resolve any issues you were experiencing with the previous endpoint. If you encounter any further issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance on Discord.

It is possible to create private endpoints, but it could require a payment; for more info, you can check here:

Funds to Optimism

To trade, you will need ETH for gas fees and the stablecoin sUSD as collateral. For a more detailed process, check the page "Trading Guide."

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