Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's here - https://dextoro.com/faq/

Who provides liquidity for trades on DexToro?

DexToro is built on top of the Synthetix protocol, and trades on the platform are executed with SNX stakers acting as counterparties. Synthetix stakers receive fees from the platform for providing liquidity.

Why can't I open a position?

In order to open a trade, the user must have a minimum of $50 in margin. If the required amount is not available, users will need to add more sUSD to their margin to open a trade.

Why can't I close my trade?

You won't be able to close your trade if your margin is below $50. In order to meet the minimum margin requirement and close an active position, you'll need to add more margin. Keep in mind that there is a fee between $0 and $4 for the network (keeper bots), which will be deducted from your margin. If you don't have enough margin remaining, you'll need to add more funds in order to place any new trades.

Why didn't my limit order go through?

If the market moves too quickly and the limit price is not reached, the order may not be executed, and it will become an invalid order. In this case, the trader may need to adjust their trading strategy or intervene manually to manage their position.

The order expired; what should I do now?

As reported on Expired Order, After an order expires, you can decide to:

  • Do nothing or cancel the order. Your order tab will be cleaned again.

  • Retry the expired transaction with a 1-click button to reproduce the transaction at market price.

  • Create a new order so the expired order gets canceled in the same transaction.

Why did my position expire?

  • Standard Order: When the price of an asset is highly volatile, it can be difficult for a keeper to fill an order at the ideal market price. In such situations, rather than filling the order at an unfavorable price, the order may expire.

  • Limit Order: To be filled, it must remain within the range of the "Trigger Price" and "Limit Price" for a brief period of time. If this range is not reached before the "Limit Order Expiry" period, the order will expire.

More details can be found here: Orders

I had accumulated funding, but now it shows $0

Whenever you carry out a transaction (such as depositing, withdrawing, or making a new trade), the funding amount is added to your margin. If the accumulated funding rate is positive, your margin will increase, and if it is negative, your margin will decrease. After any of these operations, your funding will be reset to $0.

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