Stop Orders

What is a stop order, and how to place it

A stop order is always executed in the direction that the price is moving. For instance, if the market is moving lower, the stop order is set to sell at a pre-set price below the current market price. Alternatively, if the price is moving higher, the stop order will be to buy once the security reaches a pre-set price above the current market price.

Create a Stop order

To place a Stop Order:

  • Select the asset to trade;

  • Select Long or Short to decide the side of the trade;

  • Choose the Stop order type;

  • Enter a Collateral Amount, if needed;

  • Input the Stop Price - set the max or min price at which you are willing to long or short;

  • Enter the position Size and Leverage;

  • Click on Place Stop Market Order to confirm.

Once the transaction is executed, the order will appear under the Orders tab. Users can cancel the stop order at any point in time.

When the price reaches the stop price, the order will be executed, and your position will be opened.

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